Cooling Systems

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When summer weather heat is at its worst, you will want the best, most reliable cooling system available.
Do you own an older home and think that you can’t have central air because your home doesn’t have ductwork? We specialize in older homes; we provide creative solutions for your heating and cooling needs.

Peris Heating and Cooling offers the following cooling systems:

  • High Efficiency Air Conditioners that can reduce your operating costs
  • Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps

Contact us today. We will recommend a system that is the perfect size with the correct cooling capacity for your home or business.

Whole House Humidifier

Having low humidity in your home or business can cause:

  • Increase in colds, flu and other upper respiratory ailments
  • Damage to your home or electronics
  • Higher energy costs

Using a whole-house humidifer is the most effective way to add the proper amount of humidity to your home or business and prevent the problems caused by dry air. (Click here for more information on the importance of a whole-house humidifier).

lancaster pa best hvac company peris heating and cooling humidifier

Contact us to discuss adding a whole house humidifier to your home or business.